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Monthly newsletter of the Queanbeyan Golf Club

February 2020


President's Message

Hi All,

What a month January 2020.

Our CEO has provided a summary for the month which I encourage you all to read and I do not see the need to comment further.

On a positive note however the key activities for the month have been

Preparation for 2020 Pro Am 15/16/17 March 2020

  • Jordie De Smet and Jake have locked in James Nitties, Matt Millar and Jack Wilson for our Sunday 15 March Skins Shootout. Come and watch these players along with Jake play for cash over 9 holes on the Sunday afternoon and then join us in the club for a presentation and chat with the players afterwards.
  • Sponsorship for the event is still available if you know of anyone please let Jake know.
  • Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 March will be shotgun starts morning and afternoon with a presentation and shootout on the 18th green on the Tuesday after the completion of play.
  • Lock in the dates and our continued support of this event is appreciated. Promotion of this event with your friends will assist in making full fields the order of the day.

First Board meeting of your new Board

  • Progressing the Strategic Plan
  • Continued enhancement of our governance and operations
  • New Committees and structure being finalised
  • Course Works Program
    - 11th Fairway
    -  Vegetation Management Plan
  • Course Machinery and Maintenance Program
  • Progressing Brown St closure and associated course work

Outstanding performances and efforts by our QGC team during a trying month

  • The green keeping team for the watering duties on our ancient irrigation system to keep our course in great condition
  • Sharon and Amanda for stepping up and taking on extra duties and responsibility
  • Our volunteers (The Dodgers) who continue to excel and provide invaluable assistance around the club and course
  • A very successful 2020 DJ Homes Queanbeyan Open was hosted.
  • Congratulations to the winner Josh Reid for yet another trophy for his cabinet. I understand he has recently purchased a new house to store them all.
  • Congratulations also to our new skipper Josh Crockett as it was a real initiation and experience which he came through with flying colours and also some lessons learnt.
  • Our Greens staff for presenting the course so well under extreme heat conditions.
  • Thanks to Gail for assisting when the system went down almost like she knew it would.
John Bull

Captain's Report


Happy New Year to all the members in the Club. I hope everyone had a great break, and were able to avoid the bush fires and crazy weather.

First all of all I would like to thank Gail for an amazing job as Captain. For almost a decade she has given so much back to the Club, and without people like Gail, we wouldn’t have well prepared events and presentations.

Gail has helped out over the last few weeks, with myself transitioning into the Captains role. There is a lot of work in the background that we just don’t realise. On that note if you would like to volunteer to help in closing out club comps on a weekend, the support would be more then welcomed. Please contact me at captain@queanbeyangolf.com.au.

The 2020 DJ Homes Queanbeyan Open was played last weekend, with a great turnout of 163 players in the extreme 40+ degree weather. Would like to thank the greenkeeping team for doing such a great job preparing the course under such extreme conditions.

Congratulations to our Open Champion Josh Reid, with a great score of 69, putting his name on the trophy yet again.

Local Member Malcolm Towney finished runner up with a score of 71.

The Women’s Champion this year was Liz Smyth with a score of 83, with Pauline Jeffery runner-up with a score of 88.

I would like to thank our ongoing support from DJ Homes in sponsorship of our events.

I would like to also thank the team that helped Tony run the BBQ at short notice for the Open. Great work to everyone involved.

The new World Handicapping System is now in place. For everyone that has played, you would more than likely notice a change in your handicap, with most people going out 1 or 2 shots. There is a new slope rating chart which can be found online at www.golf.org.au

After some initial teething issues with the touch screens not displaying the correct daily handicaps, the technicians at M-Power have got us back on track!

Last of all I would like to wish all of our Pennant teams good luck this year, with the season getting underway next week.

Happy Golfing
Josh Crockett


Tips from the Tour


Happy New Year everyone, we hope everyone managed to stay safe over the new year period and the last few weeks, a special mention to everyone who has braved the hot and smokey conditions over the last few months.

If you are struggling with solid connection on your chip shots, try practicing with your right hand only (left hand for a left handed). This will help you with your rythm, and stop you decelerating. Once you have hit a few solid chip shots with just the one hand, add your top hand to the club and just take it along for the ride. This will teach you to let the weight of the club mat was of trying to for e the club through.

Jake, Mat, Trent, Lachlan, Jacko and Harry


CEO Update



Hello again members.

You would think that sitting down to write a simple newsletter would not require a great deal of time, or effort. Sometimes though, the words don’t hit the page as fluidly as on other occasions.

This is one of those times.

To Victor, Phill, Peter and family, we salute you. We grieve with you. We thank you. But most of all, we are all here to support you.

Often, the best way a club can show its true worth, is through the way its members support each other. It’s not all about what time Happy Hour is, or what time does the soloist start on a Friday night, or how much does the bistro charge for a schnitty on Wednesday night.

Clubs like our little golf club have soul. They have character. They have locals and regulars who actually LOVE coming to THEIR CLUB!!!

We are one of those clubs. Close knit. Caring. We are a community. We look after each other.

Normally my spot in the monthly newsletter contains information on this, updates on that, and what the current status is of something else.

Not this month.

All of that can wait until we take a breath, gather our thoughts, and steel ourselves for the rest of the year.

Good riddance to January 2020!!

See you next month for a much more informative, and hopefully entertaining newsletter piece.

Stay tuned on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages for What’s On around the Club.

As always ….. may the breeze be at your back, and every putt be your last!!!

Tee Signage

Why not add a Tee Sponsorship as part of this upcoming year’s inclusions? Tee Sponsorship ranges from $1000.00 to $1500.00 per annum, depending on location. (see example below)

If you are interested in becoming a Tee Sponsor, please contact Tony ASAP on 6297 1669 or ceo@queanbeyangolf.com.au as spots are dwindling very quickly!!!

Live Music



14/2/20         Mitch Canas

21/2/20         Jacko Morow

28/2/20         Chrissie


6/3/20            Tash Eloise

13/3/20          Guitar Fav’s

20/3/20          Purc Randall

27/3/20          Minh Ha

Women's Captain

Before we start 2020's news a few things need to be recognised from the end of 2019.

The ADFGA National Championships were held at Federal in December 2019. Our very own Deb Baker came 2nd In the overall gross and Linda Morris 8th with previous members Beth Dippel 2nd In the overall nett,Candice Freeman 3rd nett.

Congratulations Lee Maiden on Hamper Day winning with a score of 36 followed by Karen Ebsworth 34 and hot on her tail were Fran Miller and Pam Sassella.

Club Presentation followed where our new Club Captain Josh Crockett thanked the outgoing Club Captain Gail Goiser for all her hard work over the years.

The women would like to thank Patsy and Dave for the very welcomed treats on hot days that are supplied totally off their own bat thank you. They have never asked but I would guess a donation would not be unwelcome.  

Looks like we've dropped the ball on the sand buckets again.  The carpark has been littered with Sand Buckets lately
We have 2 designated areas, near the 8th tee and at the back of the 18th green to put the Sand Buckets after you have finished your round?  Invariably a large percentage of them are still being left full.  Let's make an effort to:
A) put them in the designated area after each round, and
B) empty them on your last hole that you play as I am sure there are plenty of opportunities to do so. 


We have 3 new members Kerrie Jarius, Deborah Bowden and Lauren Odgers.

You will have noticed that your GA has changed on 30January for further information please refer to this link. https://www.golf.org.au/your-handicap-has-changed/

The Queanbeyan Open was held on Saturday 1 February in very hot conditions and the winners for the women were Liz Smyth 83 gross followed by Pauline Jeffery 88 gross.

I'm sure we have all seen some unusual interpretations of the rules this summer if you have any queries please ask a rules official e.g.Pauline Jeffery our rules guru.


From the Home of Bruce


Sand Buckets

Looks like we've dropped the ball on the sand buckets again.  The carpark has been littered with sSand Buckets lately
We have 2 designated areas, near the 8th tee and at the back of the 18th green to put the Sand Buckets after you have finished your round?  Invariably a large percentage of them are still being left full.  Let's make an effort to:
A) put them in the designated area after each round, and
B) empty them on your last hole that you play as I am sure there are plenty of opportunities to do so. 

Divot Boxes

With the new couched tees it is very important that we fill in divots made on the Tees as the couch is a "running grass" and grows best on level ground. 

If you are playing with someone and they take a divot and don’t fix it, Can you either fix the divot with the sand provided in the Divot Boxes or nicely suggest that they do so. 

Practicing on the Course

Just a reminder to golfers that we have practice facilities and that the golf course is not a place for a myriad of balls.  Please refrain from doing this and keep your practice to 2 balls whilst on the course

Repairing Pitch Marks

It has become increasingly noticeable that we golfers are not repairing our pitch marks in the green.  See below on how to do so.

So let's make an effort to not only do yours but any others you see on the Greens.

Junior Clinics

The 1st clinic for 2020 was held on the 5th of February 2020
When: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month during School Terms
Time: 4pm for approximately 45 minutes.
Cost: $10 per clinic
How to book: Just call the pro shop on 6297 2542 on the morning to confirm you child's attendance.

Bookings & Competition Results on Mobile Devices

To view comp results, log in as if you are making a booking. Press on the menu bar on the top right.  A menu will come up.  Click on Results 2nd from the bottom. 
If you are still having problems viewing the results:
  • On iPhones, if you open Safari and click to open a new browser page there is a Private button on the bottom left of the screen.  Same is the case on an iPad.  The Private button should not be highlighted, otherwise the page is in Private browsing mode.
  • On Android devices, this is called Incognito Browsing, and this is turned on or off via the browser menu.

Ladies come and try golf (note earlier start time)

  • Sunday afternoons at 2.15pm for a 2.30pm. No experience needed. No need to book.
  • Play 8 holes in an all Beginner Women’s Comp. Cost only $10. Meet and pay at the Pro Shop.
  • You will learn about golf in a friendly and non-threatening environment with help to enjoy the game at whatever level you would like.
  • If you are only available on another weekday and would like to give golf a go then phone Pauline (see below) and see what can be arranged.
  • Professional lessons available from Jake Nagle and his team at the Pro Shop. Ph. 6297 2542. Check for Ladies clinics and packages at affordable prices.
  • Membership for women available in all categories. Get a handicap and play in the Women’s competition on Tuesday, Saturday and medley Sundays.
It’s fun and you will be helped all the way.

Phone Pauline Jeffery
6285 1846 or 0422 204 988
Email: paulinejeffery@hotmail.com



from 5.30pm

Enjoy our full range of meals from juicy steaks to our mouth-watering pizzas

(Pizzas not available Mondays)

More specials on the blackboard.

What's on at the Club

  • Happy Hour is 5.00pm to 6.00pm Monday to Friday
  • Wednesday meat tray raffles @ 7.30pm
  • Thursday Trivia from 7.30 - 1st Thursday of the month - back in February
  • Friday raffles meat tray raffles tickets on sale at 6 drawn @ 7.30pm
  • Friday night euchre starts @ 6.30pm
  • Members draw after the Raffles on Friday night
  • FREE WIFI Ask the bar staff for details

Cart 20 Card

Cart 20 Card – A prepaid cart pass is now available from the pro shop. The pass will provide for 20 9/18 hole rounds for the discounted price of $475. Carts are subject to availability. 
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