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February 2019


President's Message


Hello fellow members, as I write this months contribution it is 28 days until the first official day of the NSW Women’s Open week. Monday 4th March the players will be on course practicing for later that week.

Still plenty of work ahead of us all over the coming 4 weeks and I ask that everyone take special interest in the contributions of John Bull (Tournament Director) and Ray Dorsett (Volunteers Coordinator) and of course Tony Treeve (our CEO), for information as to what is ahead.

Our builders, Manteena are well ahead and look like being out of the club inside 3 weeks. You will notice significant changes to available space from the end of this week. Thankyou for your patience as these refurbishments have been underway.

For those who played over the weekend just gone you will have noticed that our new bunkers are all in play. As the sand settles and compacts, it may be best advised to avoid them. Thanks to all involved in the course upgrades in general, our course staff and many, many fellow members who have volunteered countless hours. Let us all show these members the respect they deserve for their collective efforts and take extra special care of the course going forward. Repair our own divots and a few others as we walk the fairways and stand on the tees, repair our own pitch marks and a few others on the greens.

I look forward to sharing in the exciting times ahead this month and seeing many of your happy faces around the place as we finalise preparations for putting our club, course and the City of Queanbeyan on show.

All the best


Adrian (Colesy)



The Captain's Desk

Queanbeyan Open Day Winners
                   Jacob Davies                                                          Amber Thornton  

On Saturday we welcomed more than seventy visitors to the field of 185 at our course. Three visitors from Royal Canberra took out top honours – Jacob Davies best with 36/32 for three below par 67 one stroke ahead of Kris Cole 36/32 on count back from Andrew Tharle 35/33. The best gross from the morning was Steve Wyatt from Federal recording 35/34 (69), not the winner but he took the best nett in A Division with 66.

Queanbeyan players did best in B and C Grades, with Scott Cameron (78) best B Grade score and Jason O’Brien (91) the best in C Grade.

Women’s Division had our Amber Thornton with par figures 34/38 (72) four shots ahead of another junior Casey Cook from Tura Beach 39/37 (76)

Thank you to all players and a special thank you to spotters – Bill Brown, Greg Fogarty and Pam Sassella for giving up golf to assist. Match Committee member Leigh Blyton was checking on speed of play and assisting in scoring. Ian Wallace assisted players with recording scores because of only one touch screen being available. I know my day was long, eleven hours, but would have been more painful without the assistance.

Members and visitors were very praising of the condition of the course. Thank you Bryan Kelly and his staff and to the many volunteers who worked so hard right up to the beginning of play your efforts were fantastic.
Pennant 2019: The season began on Sunday for A Grade and our Junior team. Thank you to Tony Innaimo Transport who is the new sponsor of the Men's Pennant Teams and also DJ Homes for their continued support of our junior team.
Queanbeyan welcomed the eight teams competing in  A Grade pennant  and recorded a 4 ½ to 1 ½ win over Murrumbidgee. The Junior team travelled to Royal Canberra and the result will be reported by Jerry Smith.
All new bunkers were in play for Open day and I did hear a few stories of experiences so I have included Rule 19.3 – Page 119 Relief Options for Unplayable Ball in Bunker
1) For one penalty stroke, the player may take stroke-and-distance relief.
2) For one penalty stroke, the player may take back-on-the-line relief in the bunker.
3) For one penalty stroke, the player may take lateral relief in the bunker.
4) For a total of two penalty strokes, the player may take back-on-the-line relief outside the bunker based on a reference line going straight back from the hole through the spot of the original ball.

Local Rule Players are reminded that Queanbeyan has not adopted the 2019 Model Local Rule E5 that provides an alternative to Stroke and Distance for Lost Ball or Ball Out of Bounds.

For Male Competitions:
For the next few weeks the tee markers will be forward to allow recovery of the present tees.
Players will use the Yellow Scratch Rating 71 and Slope Rating of 129

Gail Goiser, Captain 

Men's Pennant Teams

Proudly sponsored by

Many thanks to "Chubbsy" for his generous sponsorship of the Men's Pennant Teams this year. The shirts look fantastic.
A GRADE commenced this week and got off to a great start defending there crown and toweling up Murrumbidgee 4.5 - 1.5. Well Done Boys .....and good luck next week against our old nemesis Royal Canberra. Make sure you take a towel to clean the ball before you place.


Tips from the Tour


With the new bunkers in play, the sand is quite different to what we have been used too. The sand will be quite fluffy for a while, and during this time before it compacts, it is important to use a club with the correct bounce. If your club doesn’t have enough bounce, chances are you’ll be stuck in the bunker for longer than you’d like!

Jake, Mat, Trent, Lachlan, Jacko and Harry


CEO Update


Hello again members.


Hello again members.


We told you that 2019 would be exciting!


How good is the golf course looking? How good are the clubhouse renovations looking?


Our next newsletter will probably not come out until AFTER the 2019 Women’s NSW Open, so thank you to everybody who made the tournament such a fantastic success!!!

Just a couple of “housekeeping” rules that members and guests will need to keep close at heart in the final four-week lead-up to the tournament.

1. All of the 18 teeing grounds to be used for the tournament, are “NO GO ZONES” between now and March 7th. Our greens staff will be verti-draining, seeding, top soiling and resting these areas, to ensure they are in prime condition. The tees will be roped off, and clearly marked with safety bunting. Members and guests are requested NOT to enter or use these areas, until further notice.

2. For the period Monday 4th March to Monday 11th March inclusive, the Clubhouse and golf course will be exclusively for the use of GolfNSW, to host the 2019 Women’s NSW Open. Entrance to the golf course and certain areas of the clubhouse will ONLY be available via appropriate accreditation issued by GolfNSW. Members are respectfully requested to adhere to traffic signage, as well as the directions of tournament officials during this period.

3. The Liquor Act, as it applies to minors.

Minors (defined as persons under the age of 18 years) are not permitted on the premises of the clubhouse, unless they are in the company of a “responsible adult”. A responsible adult is defined by the Act, as a parent or legal guardian. From a golfing perspective, a minor playing with adults in a group, may enter the premises under the “guardianship” of the adult/s in their group.

On the other hand, a minor MAY NOT enter the premises in the company of his/her friends who they have just played a game of golf with.

Please, if you are in any doubt regarding this law, please contact me at any time for clarification and/or assistance.

On a personal note, I would like to wish our billeted player, Whitney Hillier from W.A, the best of luck in her upcoming tournaments here on the “East Coast” (not the least of which is the NSW Open). Whitney will be a “resident Googonian” for the fortnight of the Canberra Classic and the NSW Open.

So ……. GO WHITNEY!!!!


Thank you members. See you in a month’s time!


May the breeze be at your back, and every putt be your last!!!

Women's Captain

Congratulations Amber Thornton for being the Women’s Champion in the Queanbeyan City Open with a score of 72. Amber has also won most improved in our local district CSGA and in the Jack Newton Junior Golf 2018. To top it off she has been invited to play in the 2019 Canberra Classic at Royal Canberra. I am sure she would love to see some friendly faces out there supporting her. We are now at the start of the golfing year and our opening days are Tuesday 5 February and Saturday 9 February.

Just a couple of things to think about:- Have you put your name down for participating In pennant this year? Any questions ask Our Captain Pam Sassella or Vice Captain Karen Ebsworth otherwise enter your name on the various lists on the notice board in the women's room.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Open Days coming up throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to play other courses and meet new like minded golfers for a nominal fee. This often reaffirms how good our course is compared to others in the district and interstate. Yvonne Heslop is our secretary who keeps us up to date with the open days and takes your entry and money. Next month is the Golf NSW Women's Open at our very own Queanbeyan Golf Club. Have you volunteered yet?

Rule for the month now we have some bunkers in play. The new bunkers are in play so make yourself familiar with the new rules applying to them. Check the new Local Rules at the Pro Shop. The new eco walls of the bunkers are an integral part of the course, not part of the bunkers. In your Players Edition of the Rules of golf, Rule 12 Bunkers is on page 65. Loose impediments can now be moved and there are less restrictions on touching the sand in a bunker. You cannot touch the sand with your club in front of or behind your ball, in making a practice swing or during your backswing. Rule 19 Unplayable Ball sets out on page 119 your options for ball in a bunker. Option 4 is new. For a 2 Stroke Penalty you can drop outside the bunker on a line going straight back keeping the original spot of the ball between you and the hole.

From the home of Bruce

New Golf Rules - Effective 1 January 2019

Superintendent's Report


Thanks again to our devoted groups of volunteers, men and women, for the improvements that they have made over the past few months - I'm sure you will agree with me the improvements are outstanding. 

As mentioned by CEO Tony leading up to the Women's Open we will be over sowing the tees. The Blue tees will be closed to all players until after the Open.

The new bunkers are now all in play and over time with use and irrigation they will compact and it would be great if you leave them as you found them please..

We will also be oversowing and verti-draining the bare/burnt off patches on the fairways and completing some tree trimming and stump grinding over the coming weeks.


Junior News


DJ homes Queanbeyan Junior Pennant team
L-R Jerry Smith (Manager), Georgina Oke, Kartik Sharma, Harrison Palic, Lachlan De Jongh,

Patrick Mitchell, Josh De Jongh, Harry Smith, Amber Thornton (not pictured).

Sunday 3rd February the pennant season kicked off with the first venue of the year at Royal Canberra; with a new looking team in their navy coloured shirts, Belconnen was the team to beat.
Josh De Jongh first to off tee had a massive win 9&7, Harrison Palic went down after a hard fort match 3&2, Georgina Oke on debut was way too good for her opponent winning 5&3, Kartik Sharma came up against a red hot Amber Tilly (Belconnen Managers daughter) losing 3&2, Harry Smith first of the scratch matches lost to Riley Wilcox 3&2.
Lachlan De Jongh the second of the scratch matches was 2 up with 2 to play when the weather alert siren sounded which meant all teams stop play and retreat to the club house. After 30 mins the Royal Canberra Match Committee decided to abandon play due to lightning strikes in the area.

With no clear winner at this point the match was referred to the DGA match Committee for action to be taken, with emails back and forth between DGA Committee and Queanbeyan manager it looks like each team will be awarded 1 pennant table point and 1 individual point for completed matches.

Queanbyan Open
Amber Thornton had a day out on Saturday shooting a gross score 72 winning the Women’s Open event by 4 shots over Casey Cook from Tura Beach, Georgina Oke finished runner up nett with a score of 69ocb. Well done girls
Junior Open in May 
Sunday 5th May will be the 41st edition of the Queanbeyan Junior Open please keeps this date free as we have some of the best Junior golfers from around the district competing along with sub Juniors who don’t have a Handicap.

Junior Clinics
Reminders there are junior clinics run by our Pro shop at 4.00pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Mat Rainsford and his side kick Harry Smith put together a fun filled and basic skills clinic, if you have a son, daughter, grandchild, nephew or niece bring them along. - Cost $10.
 “Remember practice makes perfect”

Jerry Smith 
Junior Committee 


Divot Boxes

With the new divot boxes on Holes 5, 6, 8, 12, 15 and 17 please make sure you keep the lid closed after use as this stops the seed from germinating inside the box. 

If you are playing with someone and they take a divot and don’t fix it, Can you either fix the divot with the sand and seed mix or nicely suggest that they do so.



Tee Times

Unfortunately, we are not getting better at these cancellations and they are becoming more of an "on the morning" or an hour before tee off times. Be fair to your fellow members. If you are unable to play, please delete your name as early as possible.

Junior Clinics

The 1st clinic for 2019 was held on the 6th of February 2019
When: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month during School Terms
Time: 4pm for approximately 45 minutes.
Cost: $10 per clinic
How to book: Just call the pro shop on 6297 2542 on the morning to confirm you child's attendance.

Hoops and Ropes

If you see hoops or ropes down it would be appreciated if you could take the time to put them back to protect these areas.
It would be great if and when you need to move a rope, hoop or sign that you replace it to its original position. 

The Greens staff place these hoops, ropes and signs periodically around the course to protect new work and regenerate worn areas.

Bookings & Competition Results on Mobile Devices

To view comp results, log in as if you are making a booking. Press on the menu bar on the top right.  A menu will come up.  Click on Results 2nd from the bottom. 
If you are still having problems viewing the results:
  • On iPhones, if you open Safari and click to open a new browser page there is a Private button on the bottom left of the screen.  Same is the case on an iPad.  The Private button should not be highlighted, otherwise the page is in Private browsing mode.
  • On Android devices, this is called Incognito Browsing, and this is turned on or off via the browser menu.

Ladies come and try golf

  • Sunday afternoons at 2.15pm for a 2.30pm. No experience needed. No need to book.
  • Play 8 holes in an all Beginner Women’s Comp. Cost only $10. Meet and pay at the Pro Shop.
  • You will learn about golf in a friendly and non-threatening environment with help to enjoy the game at whatever level you would like.
  • If you are only available on another weekday and would like to give golf a go then phone Pauline (see below) and see what can be arranged.
  • Professional lessons available from Jake Nagle and his team at the Pro Shop. Ph. 6297 2542. Check for Ladies clinics and packages at affordable prices.
  • Membership for women available in all categories. Get a handicap and play in the Women’s competition on Tuesday, Saturday and medley Sundays.
It’s fun and you will be helped all the way.

Phone Pauline Jeffery
6285 1846 or 0422 204 988
Email: paulinejeffery@hotmail.com


Following on from 360 Degree and SleepDoctor, who now sponsor the 1st and 8th tee signs, we are looking for businesses who wish to support the club and promote their business.
If your company or you know of a company that would like to sponsor one or several of the tee signs please contact Tom Darmody via sponsorship@queanbeyangolf.com.au or contact him on 0439 440 604.



Plus a FREE schooner of house beer, a glass of soft drink or a glass of house wine.

VICTOR’S $17.50 LUNCH SPECIALS from 11am-2pm

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Enjoy our full range of meals from juicy steaks to our mouth-watering pizzas

(Pizzas not available Mondays)

More specials on the blackboard.

2019 NSW Women's Open Update

Hi All,

The NSW Women’s Golf Open is closing fast and whilst we have received a good response in regards to Volunteer registrations for the 4 days of competition we are still in need of 40 plus additional persons.

To help you with your decision on what role you would like to play in making the NSW Open a resounding success for the club and broader Queanbeyan community we have available the Volunteer Role Descriptions that may help you identify the role you would like to volunteer for.

If you are still undecided please contact Ray Dorsett and he will send the role descriptions to you for you to make a choice. He will need your email address, mobile number and your preferred options.

Ray’s email address is:  raydorsett@bigpond.com

Golf NSW are asking people, including volunteers, to get tickets to the event over the internet. 


Whilst tickets are free, registering and acquiring tickets will help keep track of spectator numbers during the event.  If you have friends who are interested in attending please pass on the link for registration.

In addition our Billet Coordinator Wendy Lynch has been inundated with players requiring billets for the week of the tournament. If there is anyone able to billet a player please contact Wendy on 0418625110. 

Thanks for your help and Ray looks forward to hearing from you.

What's on at the Club

  • Happy Hour is 5.00pm to 6.00pm Monday to Friday
  • Wednesday meat tray raffles @ 5pm and 7.30pm
  • Friday raffles meat tray raffles tickets on sale at 6 drawn @ 7.30pm
  • Friday night euchre starts @ 6.30pm
  • Badge draw after the Raffles on Friday night
  • Karaoke is on hold til the refurbishments are completed
  • FREE WIFI Ask the bar staff for details

Cart 20 Card

Cart 20 Card – A prepaid cart pass is now available from the pro shop. The pass will provide for 20 9/18 hole rounds for the discounted price of $475. Carts are subject to availability. 
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