October President’s Message

President’s Message

Dear Members,
Once again thank you all for your continued support and adherence to our COVID-19 regulations. It feels like we are nearly there however restrictions remain in place and COVID updates are still provided daily as changes occur.
The scores have been very good lately and congratulations to all. 36 pts lucky to get a ball recently…
You will all have noticed that your handicap has changed with the new course ratings being applied from October 1 and it will be interesting to see if this has any effect on the scores. The recent rain and definition now on the fairways will no doubt be in the mind of our Captain for the relaxing of the winter rules soon and this should also have an impact on the scores.
Thankyou to all those who participated in our recent survey. We had 320 responses out of 460 golf members and the Board are finalising the reports for display and information for you all. There were also a lot of constructive comments re what you all would like to see which the Board will review and take action items to address.
Key takeaways from the survey:

  • The overall favourable percentage for the whole survey was approx. 88% that things were satisfactory to well received versus 12% that things were unsatisfactory to poor,
  • The main priorities that people would like addressed are for a new irrigation system and an upgrade to the 11th fairway,
  • Members are very satisfied with the service provided by all QGC Bar, Admin, Pro Shop and Bistro staff,
  • Communication of information to members requires attention,
  • More information about the levy to substantiate why it is still being paid.

In line with the above survey feedback….

We are in the process of finalising a Grant submission for the replacement of our approx. 30 year old irrigation system.  We have a quotation for $600K for the replacement and the Board will review and advise options around the grant and contingencies if not successful. The replacement needs to occur within the next 12 months as the current system is not sustainable and in the event of a drought the course would be at significant risk. We have the best access to water but the worst distribution method. It is anticipated that we will commence and complete this program in May/June/July 2021.
Thanks to all QGC Club, Bistro, Pro-shop, and Greens Staff – their quality service is appreciated by you all as evidenced in the survey. One thing I would like to mention here is that if you do have issues please don’t shoot the messenger and take it out on our staff. There have been a couple of reported incidents lately that have been disappointing and I trust it will not occur again.
In line with the methods of communication The Board are in the process of reviewing a complete upgrade/update of our website which will include better and more frequent communication for us all.  We have a proposal that has been approved and an implementation date will be advised soon. This is long overdue and will hopefully rectify a number of other issues not only communication.
The $18.00 comp fee was again reviewed at the last Board meeting, and as we are still operating at a reduced capacity due to COVID-19, the Board has decided to continue for another month, where it again will be reviewed in line with the changing COVID-19 restrictions. In addition, this month we are processing all outstanding and deferred payments with our financial position to then be reviewed and assessed for the possible cessation of the COVID levy.
In addition I would like to provide the below updates for you all:

  • Congrats to Pete Ingram and Andy Ludzioweit for making the final of the A grade match play and best of luck to both in what should be a close match.
  • The school holiday program run by Jake, Matt and Trent has been well received with 25 starters. Great effort and hopefully we will unearth future QGC players from the group.
  • The Dodgers volunteer program continues to amaze with their efforts and achievements. How good do the new pine log garden beds look? I am sure I am speaking on behalf of all members when I thankyou all for your efforts.
  • Our CEO, Tony Treeve, has come through his hip operation well and is expected back at work on Monday 12 October. We wish Tony a speedy recovery and look forward to his improved mobility around the club and course.
  • The Board also approved a new Toro leasing arrangement for some new equipment to enable our Greens staff to maintain our playing surfaces to their high standards. Great job BK, Brendan and Jamie on the greens reno and they will now be supported more by Leigh and Paul as we move into the growing season.

Good luck to everyone in upcoming Club Championships and look forward to some great golf in the coming months as we move into our course being in top condition and warmer weather.
John Bull
Club President